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This section is not only addressing barking, there are many other noises that a dog makes.Any vocal noises that your Shih Tzu makes will be a distinct method of communicating.There are many ways in which dogs use scent to communicate to other dogs.Pheromones is a chemical communication that is used by both males and females.Your Shih Tzu will be trying to say “I need to go outside’ or “Please pay attention to me”.Howling – An actual howl will be the sound of a dog communicating to another dog.They also have long, whip-like tails and stuck-out legs. Barking varies greatly, according to what your dog is trying to “say”.

On average they are about 1.5 meters, although sizes may vary between species and such. Small brown reptiles with mottled, leathery skin and low slung bodies.However, panting is also done when a Shih Tzu needs to relax.When a dog is stressed, they may pant as a method to calm themselves down.” Whining – This is a dog’s vocalization of being in emotional distress. When a dog whines, they are saying “I don’t want to be alone”. Moaning – While a human may moan if they have a tummy ache, a dog will usually have a low tone moan when they are feeling happy.Whining can also indicate that a dog is in pain, this would be in conjunction with wanting to lay alone or not wanting others near. A puppy will usually whimper and an adult will whine. A dog will most often moan if they are having their tummy rubbed, having their ears touched or another spot on their body that is ticklish Yelping – This is a clear and immediate sign that a dog has been injured.An owner must immediately look for the reason of the yelp. Some owners even explain this to sound rather like “singing” if they dog whispers for a while.Many dogs will yelp and then within a minute, the pain will be gone. Whispering – Yes, a Shih Tzu can whisper and if your dog whispers you know what this sounds like! This is your dog showing happiness and communicating in their own way.A low toned bark will be produced if the dog is trying to say “There is a stranger within seeing distance”.A dog will also bark in a low tone if there is a change.A yelp from a dog is let out the instant that dog feels pain.If your Shih Tzu jumps and hurts their leg or steps on a thorn, you will hear a yelp.


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