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We're not only programmers, but are a community of testers, UI designers, web designers, technical writers, accessibility experts, translators, social media experts, etc. More information can be found on our Get Involved page.The Sidebar is a major new feature of the user interface in all of the Open Office applications.At Apache we work transparently as an open community of volunteers.We develop open source software to benefit the public.The Color Palette is enhanced and extended with a selection of more useful colors, arranged in a new scheme to make finding colors simpler.The new Palette is a mix of the Lotus Symphony Palette combined with the most useful original colors.Of course, not all of Open Office's functionality can be represented by controls in the Sidebar.If you need an advanced function then just click on the "more options" button in the title bar of a panel to open a dialog with many more options and properties.

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This product is Open Source, for an Ad Free Version, click here. This product is Open Source, for an Ad Free Version, click here.

The new logo is the result of many design iterations, collaboration among talented designers and a contest where 40 logos were rated by over 50,000 users.

We wish to give a special "hello" to our upgrading users.

The Gradients are enhanced and extended with new, more useful ones, mainly taken from Lotus Symphony.

The old ones are kept, but moved to the end of the list (not in the picture).


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