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Dating george herron knives

Loveless, Jim Schmidt, Tony Bose, Michael Walker, Ron Lake or Rick Hinderer, contact us about qualifying for our no-commission consigning.

16, 2017 Click here to see what you missed Click here for the super high-res non-bid online catalog. Click here for prices realized Click here for the high-res catalog (non-bid direct from here but the pictures are BIG! Click here to see some of the knives featured Prices realized from Auction 92 -------------------------------------------- Auction 91 ended March 31st Click here for what was featured in that auction. Click here for the high res catalog (non-bid) Prices Realized Handmades from knifemaking legends Steve Johnson, Buster Warenski, Ron Lake, George Herron, Big John Fitch, W. Hurt, Red Watson, Gene Shadley, Joel Chamblin, Owen Wood, Chuck Stewart plus several Randalls (rough back sheath models), Ruana, Case Classics more. Don't make that mistake again--check back for the links to be posted next week for our Mid-Dec. ---------------------------------- Our Flash auction flashed away on Monday, April 13, 2015 Click here for the high-res catalog- ------------------------------ Auction 82 Ended March 27, 2015.

Nessmuk is available in D2 or forged version from 1084 high carbon steel. Leather sheath included With the exception of Bob Loveless no other maker has had more of an impact on my style as a knifemaker than George Herron.His style is still as easily recognizable today as it was when he refined it decades ago. I don't have any George Herron knives, but I bought this Larry Page knife in 1987.This is a must have for any Herron collector, pristine mint condition.Violence and the Sacred René Girard’s Insights into Christianity Gil Bailie Can Christianity claim to be universal and unique? The thesis is this ‘fallen’ human culture uses the scapegoat to achieve social unity.Likewise, Adam desires it only when infected with Eve’s desire for it.The serpent’s desire, replicated first by Eve and then by Adam, represents the distortion of the desire for God into the rivalrous determination to be God.When it is time to sell your knives, who else would you want selling them? Click here for the high res catalog (non-bid from these pics, must go to the top link to bid) --------------------------------------------- If you would like to be on our email announcement list to be sure you do not miss a future auction, email us your info at [email protected] here for prices realized Click here for the high res catalog ------------- Auction 97 ended Feb. Fabulous antique Bowie and old English knives, Part II of our massive estate collection of vintage Remington Bullets and Dogshead Kabars. ------------------------------------------------- AUCTION 89 ENDED DEC. 15, 2015--Priority was given to winning bids needing pre-Christmas delivery. CLICK HERE FOR THE NON-BID HIGH RES CATALOG FOR AUCTION 80 CLICK HERE FOR THE NON-BID HIGH RES CATALOG ------------------------------------------------- Auction 79 Ended Dec 2, 2014 Click here for the non-bid high res online catalog. 1 in a Heiser Brown Button sheath, Owen Wood, Curt Erickson with Julie Warenski engraving, Early Jerry Fisk and a Fisk Arkansaw Bowie, Several Jimmy Lile including a massive Arkansas toothpick, Jim Crowell, Harvey Mc Burnette, D'Holder, Bob-Sky, Steve Johnson, Ken Steigerwalt, Rick Browne, Corbett Sigman, Steve Mullin, and star of "Forged in Fire," Jason Knight and many more, plus some hard to find factory knives too. Click here if you are bidding for the first time for some things you need to review first.Contact me for details on having something like this made.Because of the number of "Herron inspired hunters" I've been making, I thought it needed to be moved from the "one of a kind" page. The # 6, a drop point hunter design, and the # 7, a trailing point hunter design.


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