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Stewart previously discussed her love life in the November issue of Elle, saying she embraces her fluid sexuality."I'm not ashamed, and I'm not confused," she told the magazine. The 27-year-old actress said in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar U. that she wanted "to try everything" following her split from her last boyfriend, "Some people aren't like that," she acknowledged."Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they'll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. If I have grilled cheese once I'm like, 'That was cool, what's next?I was like “Creepy” is a word that comes up a lot when I’m having an honest discussion with men about their feelings on their sexualities.

I remember one guy telling me, after I told him about the assault, that he thought society would be better if men were chemically castrated.

I also think this is why men don’t write about their sex lives.

Damon Young tackles the issue of why men don’t write about sex in this piece here.

But, I also know basically zero men who haven’t been touched by it to some degree, and if I’m being generous, it likely brings pain to the men who are feeling it than the reflected shame does to me.

Kristen Stewart is "definitely" open to dating men again in the future.


  1. Feb 17, 2017. What changed was that I started dating men. I woke up this morning with this terrible fucking feeling, and I was like I know this feeling. How do I know this feeling? Where is this horrible feeling from? And then I was like, oh yeah — this is that feeling from back when I had boyfriends. I haven't had one in over.

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  3. Sep 23, 2017. As an FYI, we're talking about women dating men – misogynistic gender politics aren't as much of a feature in same-sex relationships. Of course there are politics there too, but that's a topic for another time. Here are the issues feminists dating men might come across, again and again AD. Unable to play.

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