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It’s a fitting choice given that “Between Worlds” is a direct sequel to “A Link to the Past,” and, as good as the newer Zeldas have been, it goes without saying that the traditional formula still works: “A Link Between Worlds” is an absolute joy to play and illustrates that some things simply never get old.

Gamers who enjoyed “A Link to the Past” will be in familiar waters here.

You can fish, collect fossils, go shopping, gossip with your neighbors, celebrate holidays, and expand your house as you pay off your mortgage, to name just a few of the many activities that await you.

You can even invite your real-life friends to visit your town (and you can visit theirs) through online play.

“A Link Between Worlds” boasts updated 3D graphics, but the old-school gameplay elements are all there (with some new additions, naturally).

– when you’re not venturing into wonderfully-designed new dungeons filled with puzzles, rupees, and bosses.

Doch was macht das Werkstattportal von Auto Scout24 so einzigartig?

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Each game follows the same basic blueprint: You move into a new town, buy a house (home loan and all), and then carve out a happy existence as the only human in a village filled with friendly anthropomorphic animals.Nintendo wrote the book on portable gaming with the release of the classic Game Boy in 1989 and the company has kept the handheld market all but cornered since then.The original Game Boy, as well as its successors – including the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS – all boast great libraries of exclusive first- and third-party titles.Neben einem Vergleich von Inspektionspreisen für Ihre Region können Sie auch Ihre gewählte Serviceleistung bei der Werkstatt Ihrer Wahl zum Festpreis online buchen und zahlen dafür keinen Aufpreis.Außerdem haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den gewünschten Inspektionstermin bei der Werkstatt direkt über das Auto Scout24 Werkstattportal verbindlich auszuwählen.At first glance, the game looks and feels a lot like its 16-bit counterpart, and fans of the original will have a lot of fun re-visiting the old instantly-recognizable overworld and seeing what’s changed since Link’s last adventure.“A Link Between Worlds” adds a whole new spin to Hyrule, however, with some novel mechanics paired with the ability to travel to Lorule, a dark mirrored version of the normal game world.Lorule contains its own unique set of enemies, dungeons, and challenges for you to complete.This makes for unique multi-layered level designs that put a three-dimensional spin on the old two-dimensional formula.Other areas play more like those found in newer Mario games, where you move and explore in 360-degree open environments, and many of these angles the camera in unique ways to create visual depth that is only amplified by the stereoscopic 3D.“Super Mario 3D Land” also boasts what is easily some of the best level design and world-building we’ve seen since “Super Mario 64.” The gameplay is extremely addictive and should keep you busy for awhile; even after you beat it, remixed challenge stages await to offer you plenty of replay value.For example, some stages feature particle effects, and when you activate the stereoscopic 3D, the particles appear to “float” above the 3DS screen as you play.Certain stages are set up like the old-school Mario games, where you run from left to right, although with an added third dimension that lets Mario move around from front to back.


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