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Rather than send a message to each individual user, the system encourages you to post in a single public location for all to see.Using Mail Your mailbox holds all of your incoming and outgoing mail. You can paste or drag and drop images right into the body of an email – no need to attach them.

The directory will find the correct name and complete the address.Returning to New York after two years in Cuba, de Burgos served as the art and culture editor for the progressive newspaper blog, Vanessa Perez Rosario states, “De Burgos was an ambitious and brilliant woman who worked diligently on two fronts—to establish herself as a writer of international acclaim and to eradicate injustice.Her feminist politics and her Afro-Caribbean ideas allow us to read her as a precursor to contemporary U. Latina/o writers.” De Burgos is the author of the poetry collections (1967) by Ivette Jiménez Báez.The eldest of thirteen children, poet Julia Constanza Burgos Garcia was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and grew up in the barrio of Santa Cruz.She earned a teaching certificate at the University of Puerto Rico, and worked as a teacher at the Barrio Cedro Arriba in Naranjito before moving to New York, where she worked as a journalist, and then Cuba, where she pursued further studies at the University of Havana.Using the Features of the MCLA E-Campus – First Class System Whether you are sending a message to someone else’s personal mailbox in the E-Campus system, posting to a public conference, or sending a message to someone outside the system using an email address, you are using the same function: First Class mail (email). Tip: The E-Campus system uses real names for all users inside the system. Of course, if you send images to people outside the system, you will need to attach the images to allow them to be viewed!She is the namesake for many schools, parks, and cultural centers, including the Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center in Cleveland, the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in East Harlem, and Julia de Burgos Park in Chicago.Pre-Dating TM is the world's largest Speed Dating service for single professionals with monthly events in over 70 cities in the US and Canada.A red flag next to a message means that a new message has arrived and is unread, while a white flag indicates that the message has been created but not yet sent.You may also notice a tiny document or paperclip icon indicating that an attached file was sent or received with a message. A new window will open which has two sections, the top shows the message header information (From, Subject, To and CC) and the bottom contains the message body or text.


  1. Using FirstClass Mailbox. From TechHelp - MCLA's Technology Help Center. or sending a message to someone outside the system using an email address.

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