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If you find yourself deep in debt, the options for digging yourself out can seem overwhelming.It is easy to fall prey to debt solutions that can put you in an even worse position.When receiving a personal loan, you are opening a new installment credit line and, if handled responsibly, it can help raise your credit score.A personal loan for debt consolidation can help eliminate debts faster and put you back on the right track.

Our financial literacy program will teach you how to save money, build an emergency fund and set achievable financial goals.That can be effective, unless you have a less-than-perfect payment history and low credit score, which means you may not be approved for a debt consolidation loan or bill consolidation loan, as it is sometimes called.In either case, the loan you get will carry a high interest rate.The success rate for people enrolled in debt management programs is 55%.Make on-time monthly payments and you eliminate your credit card debt in 3-5 years.The home could foreclosed or cars repossessed if you miss payments. Bank: With bad credit, you pay .81 more per monthly payment and ,828.09 more over the life of the loan (24.3% more).Here are some signs that consolidating loans might be a good idea for you: According to data from the Federal Reserve, approximately 37% of Americans carry a credit card debt balance from month to month. Credit Union: With bad credit, you pay .75 more per monthly payment and ,284.82 more over the life of the loan (21.67% more).Thankfully, for those with a good enough credit score, there are personal loan options available that can be much better than many other alternatives.Using a personal loan for credit consolidation could substantially lower how much you pay in interest.But you don’t need a bank loan to consolidate debts.The debt management program at In Charge Debt Solutions will consolidate your bills, reduce your monthly payments and interest rates and you don’t need a loan.


  1. Jun 14, 2017. Debt consolidation rolls multiple credit card bills into one payment with a lower interest rate. Learn four strategies on credit card consolidation, including balance transfer cards, personal loans, 401k and equity loans.

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