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Who is steve o dating will updating itunes delete my songs

Jim recorded AM top forty beginning in the early 1960's.

In 1966 he found WPGC-FM, a legendary rocker with a blowtorch signal blanketing Baltimore, Washington and northern Virginia.

Petula Clark is also featured with a 90-second rendition of Things Go Better With Coke (Coke ahfta Coke ahfta Coke).

Would you prefer a Budweiser, Hamms, Schaeffer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Ballantine instead?

In those days, you could watch first-run features in your choice of automobile at drive-in theaters — movies like are included, and this montage begins with a reminder from Pepsi that Grandpa may have liked his women on the buxom side, but slender women live longer. All (and more) are featured in this memorable collection of some of the best advertising from mostly musical (m)admen of the sixties.

Perhaps you'd rather share a Schlitz with Ella Fitzgerald or what sounds like The Carpenters (heard for the finale.) And if you're in the mood for a movie, there are spots for Go Johnny Go (starring Alan Freed!

), Tammy And The Bachelor, Pillow Talk, Murder, Inc., Cool Hand Luke, The Dirty Dozen, The Graduate, and Patton.

Of course, these familiar melodies were legislated out of existence in the '60's (though they are still legal products! Many of these commercials are jingles, and it's fun to hear vocal styles and instrumentation change over twenty years.

The entire 57 minutes is a fascinating aural history and highly recommended for your enjoyment.


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