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Then there is Rosalie's rape scene, now changed to Royal's assault scene.Instead of Royal being raped, he's tricked during the wedding and beat up within an inch of his life.If the genders were swapped, a rape scene wouldn’t have happened.The author would’ve come up with a different sort of scenario/ backstory/ defining moment for a male character."That is exactly what happened here.I don't know how this was even possible, but reading Life and Death actually made me hate Twilight even more than I originally did.This is mostly because it became shockingly evident that certain scenes (sexual assault) were purposefully left out in this version because the characters didn't have vaginas. Bella's attempted rape scene has now turned into Beau's assault scene.But for Beau, his assailants are a mix between female and male and have the intention of beating him up because they think he is a cop.The section is entirely re-written with more dialogue, a gun and threats of death.

I don't really know how true that assumption is, but dammit if isn't true for Life and Death.

But there are constant references to the gender changes as if Meyer is trying to prove something to the reader, and they only seemed to further resign me to the fact that Meyer has no idea what she's doing. " And I kept going: In the hands of a more skilled writer, this might have been pulled off flawlessly.

(Bold is mine.)She turned toward the cafeteria, swinging her bag into place. I found the changes she made with Beau's narration interesting.

He has no aspirations to do or be anything until he spots the love of his life in his high school cafeteria.

Not much has changed with our young, desperate lovers except for their pronouns, but Edythe is still a jerk/control freak/stalker and somehow less creepy than Edward.


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