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I told him the only way he would be allowed to go to the movies, is if his father or I went with him. So when he pulled that "card" on me - I said - ooh my word! I put it back on him - if everyone were jumping off the roof or a bridge - would you be doing it too? Yes, we have dropped our kids off at the movie theater (my girlfriend's son works there - so they really aren't alone) and picked them up afterwards - but it's always been a group of boys..mixed..his hormones seem to be a tad "More".... Group outings are fine and parental supervision is a must. they're 22 and 20 now, and beyond sensible rules about sleeping arrangements (sleepovers happened frequently but separate rooms, of course), we didn't have a ton of rules or micromanagement.

I'm OKAY with the movie as long as my husband or myself are there. A - B grades (although this last quarter wasn't that great! I'm not one for keeping up with the Jones' and I don't subscribe to the "everyone else is doing it" either. We would sit behind them a couple of rows but they weren't allowed to go by themselves. my son has had the same GF since he was 13 and she was 11.

PS: If he wants to make out with this girl, it's going to happen whether you allow this movie thing or not.

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would he agree to you seeing the same movie they're seeing if you sit far away?

i think it's very important at this age to let budding adults experience what it's like to be trusted as well as to be monitored. His parents picked us up and dropped us off at the movie theater.


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