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Dating latin women peru

But in Playa Asia or clubs like MIA, you can find them.

The challenge with meeting hot girls in Lima has to do with numbers.

Go to Colombia and the general consensus will be that the local gals are incredible. In Bolivia, most everyone will tell you that the women are ugly. Mexico is a bit more up in the air, but most people would agree that the women - while not stunning - are certainly good enough. The city of Lima is home to nearly 30% of Peru's population.

Most of the guys who have good things to say about the quality of girls in Lima spend the majority, if not all, of their time in Miraflores. I won't sugarcoat it, the average Peruvian lass is going to look more or less like this: The latter you're not going to see out much during the day.

Again, this quality gap is common in Latin American cities. In summer, it's mostly sunny skies and a temperature of around 25 C.

Cross over from Roma Norte to Doctores in Mexico City and you'll notice a strong drop-off. In winter, it's clouds all day and temperatures below 20 C.

I swooped some, dated others, and ran for the hills from at least one of them.

Having quite a bit of experience with Peru and its women, I decided to write a post clarifying some common misconceptions. The average Peruvian girl is far more attractive than her American counterparts.


  1. Feb 3, 2014. After a while, you may find this characteristic to be endearing, especially if you travel to Peru and see the love behind all the cooking and cleaning that many women do, and the physical labor and protection that the men take responsibility for. If you're just casually dating, you may not notice this at all, but if.

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