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Paz de la huerta dating steve olson

Instead, mixologist Steve Olson was brought in to create a special virgin concoction for the model/actress, who plays Lucy Danziger on HBO’s critically-acclaimed series.

Her rep told the paper, while “it’s true Paz was not drinking alcohol …

The Cider House Rules actress stands accused of throwing a glass at former The City star Samantha Swetra and punching...Actress Paz De La Huerta has shown her support for up-and-coming singer Jihae by shooting a music video with the rising star.The Boardwalk Empire actress dances provocatively and crawls on all fours in a dramatic...A few days ago, my favorite chronic mess, Paz de la Huerta (who considers herself one of the true artists who are left), happened to salute a random passerby that happened to be holding a Blackberry, and the above photo was the result. The hotel management was given “explicit instructions” by the Boardwalk Empire beauty’s handlers not to serve to her any booze in light of her involvement in a number of alcohol-related incidents in the past, the New York Post reported. This relatively well-groomed appearance (and absence of obscene gestures) comes in sharp contrast to the Paz who suggestively crosses and uncrosses her legs during a public reading of Paz de la Huerta was sober as a judge hosting the opening of New York’s Hotel on Rivington bar Viktor & Spoils last week, and Radar has learned it’s because her camp wouldn’t let her drink!Despite initial reports, Ashley Olsen wasn't spotted getting close to Jason Sudeikis at the Stone Rose Lounge in New York on Monday (24th October 2011), but her twin sister MARY-KATE OLSON did cosy up to...Actress Paz De La Huerta has denied she was boozing at director Brett Ratner's party on Monday (24Oct11) after she was involved in a dispute with a pal. Paz De La Huerta whittled down her circle of friends after her run-in with the law earlier this year (11) in order to keep herself out of trouble.The Boardwalk Empire star can be seen showing off ruffled pink...Actress Paz De La Huerta has been ordered to undergo alcohol counselling after pleading guilty to a charge of harassment relating to an altercation earlier this year (11).Because I am convinced that while much of Paz’s behavior goes to excessive lengths because of one drink too many, she’s still a complete (albeit somewhat lovable) whackjob underneath it all.Long term, she won’t be able to keep herself from letting the crazy come out, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Who appears to be stuck in a timewarp has someone managed to tempt 26-year-old actress Paz de la Huerta. Steve Buscemi's character. dating.

  2. Paz de la Huerta's sartorial choices have often been highlighted for all the wrong reasons.

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