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Vba code to stop screen updating

Regards, jon [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro?Even inexperienced VBA coders, that write their own code, often and up with the same problem due to their code being full of Select, Selection, Activate etc.Not only is it off-putting for the end user but it also causes macros to run much slower.This takes up control of my machine until the macro is done running. An Add In by Power Point MVP Shyam Pillai (Graphupdate.ppa) does this for charts in PPT 2003 I was hoping that someone has updated this Add In for 2007/2010 and included it for Excel worksheet objects.

The other option is to use a simple line of code like: Application.What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro? I use the following Macro Options: Action: Open Query View: Datasheet Data Mode: Edit I would like to have each query saved with a different query name, so that I can modify them easily.So, I prefer Open Query action rather than Run SQL action.Select Next r Cell End Sub Sub Fast With No Flicker() Dim r Cell As Range Application. Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.Screen Updating = False For Each r Cell In Range("A1: A15000") r Cell. Instant Download and Money Back Guarantee on Most Software Excel Trader Package Technical Analysis in Excel With 9.00 of FREE software! Convert Excel Spreadsheets To Webpages | Trading In Excel | Construction Estimators | Finance Templates & Add-ins Bundle | Code-VBA | Smart-VBA | Print-VBA | Excel Data Manipulation & Analysis | Convert MS Office Applications To......I have a slide that includes a (inserted) chart and an inserted Excel worksheet object.I can open each object to update the underlying data, but I can't do it without the objects actually opening on screen.You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.Hi all, I have a macro that executes ~200 queries which modify the data, create some tables etc. Is their a way of turning off screen updating, so that whatever I am doing the screen truly does not update? Screen Updating = False To stop screen updating, but where my Macro is updating Tables, the screen still changes.


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