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But if you think you might have a fiber disease such as Morgellons, then you need to able to distinguish normal fibers from fibers that are part of the disease. Turn your monitor off for a second and look at the screen. Look closer (get a magnifying glass if you have one), you will see the dust is mainly comprised of tiny fibers, about 1/16th of an inch long (1mm or so). The biggest sources of fibers in the home are paper products and clothing.

Paper products are things like facial tissues, toilet tissue and paper. When you tear paper, the edges look like this (60x magnification): That’s just regular letter sized paper, the kind you use in your printer. Here’s the same piece of paper at 200x Those are some pretty serious fibers. They are visible to the naked eye if you have good eyesight.

You can transition to the “Come Here Stroke.” Crook your forefinger as if signaling someone to come toward you. Be consistent, and both of you be patient; that’s the key.

Gently pull up and toward you in an arc as if you are “milking” her G-area. She needs her clit gently teased with her partner’s free hand or tongue.

New products are always hitting the market, and we’d like this page to be a resource for people that stays current.

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Before we go into who, what, when, where, and why, let’s get down to the basics of HOW.

This is not a bad thing, as the fibers are just paper or clothing fibers.

Another common paper product is facial tissues such as Kleenex.

Here’s some Kleenex at 60x: See it’s just like paper, made from millions of fibers – the fibers are just more spaced out to make it softer.

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And yet, this wet and wonderful body-miracle raises many questions in the mind’s of men and women.


  1. Michael, I suppose I could have demonstrated the phenomenon with the use of my webcam. I have, however, recovered from what I once called Morgellons.

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