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Sedating a chow chow without putting them out

However, the destruction and house soiling that often marks separation anxiety are not your dog’s efforts to chastise or seek revenge with you for going away.Actually, these behaviors are the signs of a panic response.

A helpful command to train your anxious dog is “sit” or “down” combined with “stay.” The concept is to move out of your dog’s eyesight as he remains in this position.

If he appears uneasy, wait until he calms down to repeat the process. You should work on this step often being away less than ten minutes.

If your dog remains calm and receptive, you can leave many times during a single session.

For example, if you’re reading the paper with your dog close by you may get up to answer phone or get a snack.

When you get up to leave, give the sit or down command along with the stay command. All of the processes and treatments we have described can be long-term commitments.


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