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Tite cam

During the test drive you will should confirm that your new transmission is operating at the proper temperature.Also during the test driving procedure you are encouraged to try the various cam positions.This part is designed to fit snuggly so a light amount of force may be needed for installation.Using the hardware supplied in this kit, fasten the face plate to the back plate adapter with the small stainless steel pan head 6-32 screws and 5/64" Allen wrench. Once the installation, test driving and adjustment procedure has been completed and you are satisfied with the transmissions behavior.Our system uses industrial-strength flexible cable (6,700 lbs tensile strength), cut on-site for easy installation to any wall height, enabling a 60-70% labor savings over other systems.

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We trust you will have the opportunity to learn about our company, our mission, and our capabilities, which you may use to your benefit.Notice that this part has a lipped section on the inside radius.Using this lip as a guide, place this adapter onto the LS-1 linkage from the back side as shown in the picture near left.Any variation from these installation instructions or modification made to any part in our TV Made EZ system will void all warranties, written, implied or otherwise!If you have a used transmission or one rebuilt by another company, you will need to install our custom length spring into the valve body. If you fail to install our spring you will try to run this transmission in an SSS (Short Spring Syndrome) condition which can quickly prove fatal to your transmissions frictions.This system allows you to fine tune the light and medium throttle driving characteristics.Once you find the best position for your vehicle combination, you should remove each screw and put a spot of 242 Lock-Tite on the threads to prevent them from coming loose over time. If you purchased one of our TV Made EZ systems but don't have one of our transmissions, you are welcome to call us anyway.Our knowledgeable and courteous personnel stand ready to assist you with information, procurement, fabrication, or delivery.The Cable‐Tite™ tie down system is the simplest, most secure method of protecting site-built, modular, and SIP built homes from structural damage caused by the high winds.Click on the pressure gauge installation guide link below, hook the pressure gauge up to your transmission.Then: click on the pressure test procedures below, take your pressure readings and call us.


  1. The Cable‐Tite™ tie down system is the simplest, most secure method of protecting site-built, modular, and SIP built homes from structural damage caused by the.

  2. Pressure Test Congratulations, you now have the mounting plate, linkage adapter, cam and have the TV cable installed.

  3. Providing Cam lock hose fittings, Small ball valves, Stainless steel tubing, Metric hydraulic fittings, Hydraulic fittings, Plastic tubing, Air hose fittings, Brass.

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