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Dating en language language line nl nl service site Free ts tv hook up

If you feel like eating a meal out, then Couverts is there to help you decide on a restaurant. For those who are still learning the language, Google Translate is an indispensable tool. This is the condensed (free) version of the Holland Guide. Try the vocabulary games, practise your spelling and use the speech recognition tool.

Search by cuisine type or area, and make a reservation through their online system. Foodspotting deals with specific dishes as opposed to restaurants. Read user reviews and check out their photos to get an idea what you should order and where to go for dinner. It's not perfect - in fact, it's quite buggy from time to time - but it could be a real life saver. Use your GPS location or postcode to find a list of restaurants that deliver in your neighbourhood. It’s a treasure trove of information for expats and contains Dutch history, guidelines on housing and legal issues, healthcare information and much more. (Note that there have been reports of issues with the latter).

However, it should be noted that each municipality tests their siren the first Monday of every month at 12pm. In the event of a real emergency, if you hear the sirens check for news on the television or radio first and remain calm.

Lost and stolen Reporting discrimination If you're unsure about submitting a complaint, you can seek advice from the antidiscrimination service that can be found in all municipalities in the Netherlands, or call the national discrimination helpline on 09 (EUR 0.10 per minute).

Fire in the Netherlands You can find information on Dutch fire services at

Containing around 2.000 vocabulary words, this is a great choice for beginner and intermediate Dutch speakers.

It’s Friday night and you’re looking for something different to do.

Please note that many of these apps have a Dutch-language interface.

However, we’re confident that you’ll be able to use them, even with just a basic understanding of the language!


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