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Cfinput not validating

If you can get the printed manuals (the set is also available for from Macromedia), they're quite handy and include a reference manual as well as a programmer's guide and more.

They're also available in HTML format by several means: first, they're installed within Studio (one way to reach them is to use the menu command Help/CFDOCS/dochome.htm), though they shouldn't typically be installed on production servers for security reasons outlined in an Allaire Security Zone bulletin.

Of course, the new capabilities are discussed only in the CF5 docs.

If you have not yet installed CF5, you can view the documentation mentioned throughout this article by visiting

Also, HTML5 validation helps users inputting data by providing specific controls, such as date pickers and custom on-screen keyboards.

HTML5 input types are displayed as simple input fields in older web browsers that do not support these HTML5 features.

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(If you're new to regular expressions, we'll show you some examples and point you to the CF docs where you can learn more.) The new feature isn't something that you couldn't do previously, if you knew how to code input validation tests in Java Script.

That means you're no longer limited to the validations built into the tags (such as date, time, telephone, zip code, credit card, Social Security number, etc.) If you're not familiar with these validations, they're quite useful (with some caveats).

The CFINPUT tag, for instance, builds Java Script for you that's sent to the browser to ensure that the user's input for a given field matches an expected pattern for the chosen validation.

But, like so many features in CF, the point is that a single tag can solve the problem for you much more easily.

New Capabilities for Tags What's new is that the CFINPUT and CFTEXTINPUT tags, which are both used within a CFFORM tag, now offer the ability to validate their input using regular expressions.


  1. Cfaussie new CF8 cfinput type="datefield" was Validating dates. what's the trick. that was not a popup and required form submission to enter the date.

  2. To understand the basics of the cfform tag. To work with ColdFusion's auto-generated client-side form validation using cfform. To work with ColdFusion's auto.

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