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Updating dataset with gridview

To solve this just use this code Grid View Row row = (Grid View Row)(((Link Button)e. Naming Container); Here link button (or any source) that cause to enter in row command event.

Now you have selected row so you don’t need any index and directly access any row variable as sample code is given below Label lbl Prod Id = (Label)row.

If you need to brush up on implementing these features within the Grid View, Details View, and Form View, return to the Editing, Inserting, and Deleting Data tutorials, starting with An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting.

collection and can include hard-coded values, common parameter source values (querystring fields, session variables, Web control values, and so on), or can be programmatically assigned.

To illustrate this, let s take an example from the table and a Grid View that renders this data.

Our goal is to extend this example to allow for the user to delete products via the Grid View.

And get the argument from row command event using e.

After checking the Generate statements checkbox, click OK to return to the Configure Select Statement screen, then click Next, and then Finish, to complete the Configure Data Source wizard.Figure 2: Select the Delete Query Property from the Properties Window provide a value for this parameter (leave its Parameter source at None ).Once we add deleting support to the Grid View, the Grid View will automatically supply this parameter value, using the value of its property added, the Grid View s smart tag now contains the Enable Deleting option. As discussed in An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting, this causes the Grid View to add a Command Field with its .From the Designer in Sql Data Source and then bring up the Properties window (from the View menu, choose Properties window, or simply hit F4).Select the Delete Query property, which will bring up a set of ellipses.When the Sql Data Source control s method is invoked either programmatically or automatically from a data Web control a connection to the database is established, the parameter values are assigned to the query, and the command is shuttled off to the database.The results are then returned as either a Data Set or Data Reader, depending on the value of the control s value has been specified, the Enable Inserting, Enable Editing, or Enable Deleting option in the corresponding data Web control s smart tag will become available.Figure 5: Clicking the Delete Button in the Grid View Invokes the Sql Data Source s SQL statements can be specified through the Properties window or the control s declarative syntax.However, this approach requires that we manually write out the SQL statements by hand, which can be monotonous and error-prone.As discussed in An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting, the Grid View control provides built-in updating and deleting capabilities, while the Details View and Form View controls include inserting support along with editing and deleting functionality.These data modification capabilities can be plugged directly into a data source control without a line of code needing to be written.


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