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Intimidating interview techniques

Another type of computer interview is provided by accessing a website while using a computer keyboard and a mouse. It is a convenient communication method and an alternative to the more costly face-to-face meetings.

The telephone interview is the most common way to perform an initial screening interview.They may be tape recorded for the review of other interviewers.The goal, for the candidate during the phone interview,is to arrange a face to face meeting.Interviewing is often just as stressful for the interviewer as it is for the job seeker.Knowing the different types of interviews, and why and when they are successful, can help make your interviews more comfortable for both parties.This helps the interviewer and the candidate get a general sense if they are mutually interested in pursuing a discussion beyond the first interview.This type of interviewing also saves time and money.Screening interviews are the normal process for companies to weed out candidates for a single job opportunity.These interviews are usually quick, efficient and low-cost strategies that result in a short list of qualified candidates.One type is done by pushing the appropriate buttons on the telephone for the answer you are submitting.Wal-Mart uses this method for screening cashiers, stockers, and customer service representatives.


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