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Charlie Brooks Comments: Looked in Google and found your web site. Name: John Burke Dec 07, 2002 URL: Comments: December 7, 2002 is a day for reflecting back on this date in 1941. or "a day that will live in infamy" as President Franklin Roosevelt labeled it for history. We recently lost another Franklin who witnessed the carnage of December 7, 1941. I refer you back to our November 2002 issue of Revetments for an article on the passing of General Nichols.

Let's take a moment from our busy lives on this day and remember our veterans of WWII and General Nichols.

If I remember right they lived in what was an old Army camp called Camp Davis. Because of your efforts, in history, you all have contributed in making this country as great as it is. Such cancer is considered by the VA to be "service-connected" because of the Agent Orange sprayed in the Nam.

Right now I am President of a Veterans Motorcycle Club. There are many other cancers, and more recently Diabetes Type 2 has been included, which are considered to be service-connected because of Agent Orange.

Wilbur James Hallock was killed at the same time that Michale Vincent Sorter was killed on 19 June 1968. Thanks Terry Klinzing FROM THE WEB MASTER: It is with Honor that we have now added your brother, Sgt Thomas Lee Klinzing, to our Memorial Page.

I believe Sgt Hallock was assigned to the 377th USAF Dispensary at the time. I was well supported by the men that served with me. If you know his unit of assignment, then we will be more that glad to add that also. He was a twenty-five year old P-40 fighter pilot with the 6th Pursuit Squadron of the 18th Pursuit Group at Wheeler Field, Hawaii.

I am proud to have served at Tan Son Nhut with men like Franklin A. Please join with me in saluting his memory now, and all of the Pearl Harbor and WWII veterans we owe so much to. Barnette Dec 07, 2002 URL: Comments: I had the privage to guard Bob Hope's plane and the truck that they used for the stage on 12/24/1964. I was Staff Sgt who setup the Special Express Kentucky trailers used for bomb hauling from port to TSN and Bien Hoa. Would like to throw out a little story that happened at the end.One dome had a lighted outline of a star, the other was a lighted outline of a Christmas tree. Ray Oct 19, 2002 URL: Comments: Hello, My name is Danny L. That was the worse 10 days of my life and I am still having problems with it. It is about time that the men & women that served or died there be recognized.Every time the radar unit inside the dome would rotate by the lights, they lit up from the energy generated by the radar. Sawyers, Thomas R., 16th Tactical Reconnassance Squadron 8. I worked in the Administration field keeping records on 150 pilots and handling "Top Secret" documents.Charles Penley Name: Frank Sciotto Oct 29, 2002 URL: Comments: Hello Tan Son Nhut Association, My name is Frank Sciotto, and was assigined to Tan Son Nhut from 1967-1968 in the Army. Here are 3 sites that you or the membership may find of interest so am passing these along for your info. Brown Water Navy, Navy transit barracks on Plantation Road heading toward the Futo Race Track and Cholon.I worked at the cement walled compound that was right up the street from Davis Station, right on the curve were the Arvin Airborn trained. are quite few pictures and rosters so perhaps some old friendships can be renued Please check the sites out and let me know if of interest. Atkin Oct 27, 2002 URL: Comments: Does anyone recall the time in 1969 when an enterprising engineering officer installed lights on the two huge radar domes that were in the middle of the base? I took part in the 2nd Phase of "Operation Cleanout" at Tan Son Nhut in Feb. We were given 10 days to clean the base out and recover all files from the Embassy.I worked with A1C Danny Squiers, that was also the the time the VC blew up the hotel in town . This website is great for so many of us who have lost touch with good friends after returning home. We were all leaving and I was in a bus full of Security Policemen.Thanks, Jim Garrow Name: Warrior Radar Dec 06, 2002 URL: Comments: Found your site. We had went through customs and was sitting on the taxiway looking at many C-130's waiting to be loaded. They stopped us from busting the cameras so We mooned them. Subbie5 Tom Wilson Name: Lionel Jeffers Nov 11, 2002 URL: Comments: To All TSNA Members and All Veterans, I just thought it appropriate, on this 2002 Veterans Day, to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for the sacrifices you all gave for our country.He was KIA on the catwalk of the radar tower where the SP messhall was. Richard Sena, there has been a lot of speculation how he was killed, I just know what I saw. As the Vietnam War was back in the days before computer proliferation (sp? Blue Knights WA IV Biography: THE WEB MASTER: One of our members, Dan Mc Kegney submitted two photographs to be added the the Photo of the Month web page.), the vast majority of classified material was sent through ARFCOS accompanied by an Armed Forces Courier (ARFCO) or, in the case of highly classified stuff (also known as two-man control), two ARFCO's. If you have already been to that web page this month then please revisit it and look at the two added photographs located on the bottom.I was a Flight Engineer on the C-130'S that rotated in Country from CCK Taiwan. I inquired of an American businessman who is in Saigon now, but he was unable to determine what happened. I'd also, at this time, like to throw out some information which I don't think ever made it into any of the TSNAB unit lists.I spent the most part of my 16 month tour in and out of Tan Son Nhut. I have been searching the web for 5 years and have never found anyone who was in the AG Division at that time, or even before or after. (He is too young to know much about the war)If anyone has any pictures, articles, etc. An Armed Forces Courier Station (ARFCOSTA) - Saigon was located on TSNAB.


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