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His lineage also has exceptional health records that date back many generations. He has perfect markings and a great temperament that is friendly, great with both adults and children, loyal, affectionate and outgoing. Felix is an extremely beautiful and masculine Bernese Mountain dog male with thick, sturdy bone. He has fathered many beautiful Bernese Mountain dog puppies.Fabio's father Boy Della Torre D'ovarda and his mother Dolce v.d Moorsemhoev also have many amazing Bernese Mountain dog show titles. He has a large tall frame, with strong masculine bone. Fabio has father many beautiful Bernese Mountain dog puppies over the years. We are so proud of Felix he is now a Canadian Champion. Jasper comes from a respected kennel of Bernese Mountain dogs in Romania.

He earned his Canadian Championship in just a few short weekends.Jasper’s personality is the perfect standard for a Berner – he is neither shy nor aggressive.Rather he is friendly, affectionate, loyal and great with people and other animals. We are so proud of him and he received his Canadian Championship in 2014.Nina has a good size frame with good bone structure. She is an outgoing Bernese Mountain with lots of energy.She has a nice top line and moves with little effort. She will do the famous Bernese Mountain dog “lean” and sit on our feet so we cannot move which forces us to give her more attention! Mckenzie is the daughter of Swiss Ridge Whitney’s Zoey and Champion Fabio Van de Knuffelberg.He has several grandparents that lived to 11 and one grandparent that lived to almost 14 years old (which is almost unheard of in this breed). He is not as tall as Fabio, but has a wide and blocky male head.He weighs about 100lbs and is about 26 inches at the shoulders.He is the son of LABANC-VOLGYI LUCKY GUY and LABANC-VOLGYI IRISZ.He comes from a long list of champions and the longevity of his lineage is incredible.This is excellent or good for the OFA (Orthopedic F Association). She has good movement and a nice straight top line. She comes from a long list of strong and healthy Champion Bernese Mountain Dogs.Zoey has a lovely personality - she loves to have fun and play and loves to be with people. She is the daughter of Polly z lpelskej Kotliny and Champion Fabio Van De Knuffleberg. Fabio was imported wonderful Bernese Mountain dog breeders in Belgium.


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