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Updating homebrew channel

The Wii isn’t going to judge me and only play a game via USB if I paid for the game, so why would I ever think that’s what was being referred to?

It’s more than a little frustrating to be jerked around after such a chain of events simply because the author decided to throw something so unnecessary in to “make a statement.” Hi everyone, Just tried to use this one but I get stuck on the screen when it asks to press 1 to continue installing. Btw, thanks for helping us in solving Dr Clipper evil plan …

There are dozens of them already installed on your Wii.

I’m not really a fan of (read: I FUCKING HATE) this behaviour, so I modified the code to remove it.

I thought it was a joke at first, but then I started panicking when I couldn’t install startpatch due to IOS236 not existing. There is no way in hell I’m giving Gamestop 70-80 dollars which Nintendo, Retro, and Monolith won’t see a dime of. The worst part of the whole debacle is that the wording in his “Step 2” is incredibly and unnecessarily deceptive.

I started up the installer again and shat the pigs a house after realizing the installer was so meddlesome. I wish this Clipper guy would stop being such a moralfag. I used the original code thing and got that pirate bullshit forced into my face. This workaround or whatever you did is the reason I didn’t throw my Wii through a second story window. I decided to install the Homebrew Channel and a USB loader on a second Wii for the first time after my old Wii died, and after a disc of a game I wanted to play was scratched up beyond repair, constantly erroring mid-game.

For example, IOS53 enables the Nintendo 64 expansion pack, and this IOS is required to be installed to run the Virtual Console version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This is a custom IOS that has been developed by a hacker, and is essential to running a lot of homebrew software on your Wii.

When you install a c IOS, it typically installs itself on the Wii as IOS249, well outside of the range Nintendo uses for releasing patches and updates.


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