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A lot of social bonding happens on servers, and whether you've even been on a speaking basis with someone, most players know the names of dozens, even hundreds, of those that share their server.

If online dating wasn't awkward enough, imagine doing so in the public presence of hundreds or thousands.

This is one of the less complex situations I've seen in my years of gaming online.

It's uncomfortable for everyone involved, and it's interesting to see the level of possession some people reach.

With Christmas a few weeks away, it's time we started dusting off the hearts in our chest to look for those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Yes, Valentine's Day is a few months away, but I think it's time I turned away from looking at the, us versus them mentality of customers versus the MMO companies, and took a look at a more interesting aspect of gaming: us versus us.


  1. Dec 29, 2010. A look at MMOs and MMORPGs with in game dating and marriage mechanics. So then there's this other thing, called dating in MMORPGs. might be nice to see more MMOs create these kinds of benefits and actually encourage people to not be such hermits within what is supposed to be a social game!

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