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Dating rules how long to wait dating direct members

"Sure he or she may be excited about your relationship and can easily follow you on Twitter, but if you receive a friend request before or after a first date, it’s best not to accept it." A Facebook request or Twitter follow may seem harmless.

However, experts warn being fast friends on social media could result in hurt feelings.

But, it's important to remember, "there's a difference between friending someone on Facebook and just seeing their stuff as it comes up and going through their entire Timeline.

You don't need to go through the archives," Samuel says.

Self-described Internet geek, wife and mother Alexandra Samuel, Ph.

D., believes that the Internet sustains and builds relationships.

"But equally, consider the possibility that anyone you know could have read or seen anything you've posted." Meeting someone new used to be more exciting.

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"I think once you're dating somebody, if you're not at the stage where you feel comfortable asking them if you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, then you're probably not ready to follow them on Facebook or Twitter," Samuel says.

However, romantic duos should showcase trust by avoiding cyber stalking at all costs.

"Understand that every couple needs space, both online and offline," Spira says.

"Remember that it’s a new relationship and one may still be playing the field while the other only has eyes for you," Spira says.

"Becoming friends prematurely may result in hurt feelings when you see his photo posted hugging another woman.


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