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Jigna, 39, is a Hindu who works in the social housing sector in Colchester, Essex. I was going through the agonies of divorce and had a young son to raise.

As people increasingly work in different countries around the world, transnational marriages are more common.Their children are not baptised, despite Liz’s desire for them to become Catholics.Despite having three children, aged between six and two, and being together for 11 years, they can’t agree on how they should marry. So I’ve decided to accept I can’t do anything about it, rather than letting it eat away at me.’These cultural clashes look only set to grow as Britain’s population becomes more diverse, at the same time as the political situation has divided people - black from white, Muslims from non-Muslims, the English from other UK and EU nationals.Our wedding took place on a snowy December day in 1990, a civil ceremony to which my open-minded mosque leaders sent good wishes. Islam had not yet been corrupted by noisy hardliners.While Colin had long abandoned his once ardent Christianity, my faith was still important to me. He can sound superior when we discuss this subject, or ghosts, which I think exist. When Jigna and Darren first got together some members of their extended families were not best pleased.Now you are helping others, just by visiting wiki How.World Possible is a nonprofit organization focused on connecting offline learners to the world's knowledge.My mother was aghast when she met the new beau who wore an earring.My brother sulked, perturbed by the unfamiliar incomer. While we’ve been together for 27 years - years of joy, mutual attraction, closeness - it has, at times, been challenging.In my opinion, British culture has become too promiscuous and abandoned. Colin, in contrast, having grown up in the Sixties in Britain, is much less worried about modern societal changes. While she adores her Scottish husband, she has left him twice because he carps about her table manners.Despite being together for 11 years, the couple can’t agree on how they should marry.


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  4. How to Write a Love Email. Love letters are well and good, but life moves pretty fast for paper. Most of us aren't sitting around in candlelight, writing.

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