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The universally loved Converse shoe is one of our favourite staples as they have serious style stamina.

Year after year they continue to be one of the hardest working pieces in our wardrobes as they literally go with everything we already own!

“Karolyn doesn’t want him having sex with somebody else – simple." Von Trier is notorious for pushing the boundaries with his actors, and has shot several sexually explicit films in the past.

La Beouf told The Hollywood Reporter in August that he took the job “because [von Trier’s] dangerous. And I’m only going to work now when I’m terrified.” “Karolyn gets that Shia likes to go method and appreciates his artistic integrity,” a source told Radar Online at the time.

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Working a casual look of a black vest top and plaid shirt wrapped around her waist, Kate finished off her nonchalant date attire with a pair of classic Converse All Stars.

In August he even seemingly joked with Chelsea Handler that Pho helped him get his latest racy role.

"I sent him videotapes of me and my girlfriend having sex, and that's how I got the job," La Beouf said.

“He got to know Mia on set and quickly became enamored of her,” the source said, according to Radar.

“They have similar interests, they love alternative music, thrift stores and she is edgy and funny, which Shia loves.” SEE IT: SHIA LABEOUF'S GIRLFRIEND HAS MELTDOWN AMID NEWS ACTOR WILL BE HAVING REAL SEX WITH COSTARS And despite his recent split, La Beouf is apparently ready to dive into his new relationship, even meeting Goth’s parents in her native London.


  1. Shia Saide LaBeouf /. they were introduced by the film's director, Oliver Stone, prior to filming and began dating shortly after.

  2. Shia LaBeouf I Hooked Up With Megan Fox During Transformers. By Us Weekly Staff. June 28. now dating Hollywood stylist Karolyn Pho.

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