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When you hook up and date, you’re both honest about what you want.I have never ever said that I want children or marriage.And just like his father and godmother, Eric is well on his way to celebrity status.He once crashed Cowell’s interview with Seymour and completely stole the spotlight.

“It was perfect timing with his son Eric being so young and he hoped I would have a baby girl so he could set her up with Eric and they could date,” she said during her pregnancy in September 2014.“No question that Simon will want to be part of the baby’s life, but I’m not so sure he wants to be part of Lauren’s.” The 36-year-old Silverman, who was photographed cavorting with Cowell, 53, and her hubby last year in the Caribbean, is nearly three months pregnant and in the midst of a nasty divorce.Apparently incensed over the illicit affair, Silverman’s real estate mogul husband, Andrew Silverman, 37, filed for divorce on July 15.“Simon thought this was a casual relationship — friends with benefits.The pregnancy was not planned.” “He is feeling tricked,” added the source.And as Seymour previously said, now that’s “#Baby Love.” Over the weekend, the correspondent threw her baby girl a birthday bash attended by Cowell, 56, and girlfriend Lauren Silverman, as well as Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney.“A little kiss for the #birthday girl #Eric & #Coco #Birthday Kisses #First Birthday Party,” Seymour captioned an adorable photo of the two tots.I know some people find it hard to fathom, but it’s me, it’s who I am.” On work being of utmost importance: “Bottom line is I am married to my job.When people moan about been a celebrity, I think ‘Oh please, sort yourself out – it’s the greatest job in the world.’ I wake up daily thanking my lucky stars, but to throw marriage into that mix is not right.Simon Cowell has a little American Idol on the way — and he never saw this future star coming.The prickly TV talent judge was blindsided by the news that his good friend’s wife — stunning New York socialite Lauren Silverman — was pregnant with his baby, the Daily News has learned. He assumed she was using birth control,” a source close to Cowell said.


  1. Simon Cowell has already paired off his son Eric with wife - as he’s convinced the two year old will marry his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour’s daughter.

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