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Communication in intercultural dating amp relationships

What is the right approach to facilitate understanding between people from different cultural & linguistic backgrounds?

Over the years she has conducted numerous researches across Europe on intercultural communication, intercultural relationships, bi/multilingual & bi/multicultural parental upbringing etc.

She followed Andree Tabouret Keller’s seminar ‘Anthropologie du Langage’ in the ‘Ecole des Hautes Etudes’, in Paris.

Attended a large number of seminars, conferences, workshops throughout the world.

La partie methodologique consiste a etudier la dynamique du biculturalisme des enfants de couples "mixtes" a travers les familles franco-helleniques (F/H).

Le niveau du bilinguisme de leurs enfants, les strategies communicatives au sein de la famille, les enjeux d'une education preelementaire bilingue, biculturelle, sont analyses.

Grin, was published in 2011, ' Ode to Alterity' was published on July 2012 in greek, ' Post Babel' on April 2013 in french etc. Different settings, heterogeneous languages, diverse countries, various therapeutic approaches, many teachers have contributed to the creation of her own approach.Many individuals living in multi-cultural situations have commented that they feel understood by Dr Karastergiou because of her direct intercultural experiences.She was, along with other professionals, member of the FHAP ' French/Hellenic Association of Psychology, Psychoanalysis & Psychiatry' in Paris.She has attended a lot of seminars, courses, conferences, workshops to learn facilitation work for diversity issues.She studied Psychology, Sociology & Education in Canada (Concordia University, Bachelor) as well as in Paris (Masters, Ph D, Université Paris VIII).Gathering the foremost clinical, educational, inspirational, scientific voices from the two countries is destined to conduct research & create publications that benefit world's growth & awakening..FHAP is editing a scientific review, entitled the ' SHINX'.An integration of her inner guidance, professional training in psychology, personal experience and research in alternative approaches to well-being and various spiritual traditions as well as a combination of psychoanalysis, Process Work, “Psychosynthesis”, Breath work…She’s an enthusiastic professional dedicating herself to ongoing research in the areas of psychology, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, inner growth, intercultural communication, to her inner work, and to exploring better ways to make the synthesis & integrate these things in her work.De plus, que les deux soient en collaboration etroite afin de creer une ambiance favorable au developpement global de l'enfant.Son but essentiel est de fournir une base theorique au bilinguisme et au biculturalisme des enfants de familles biculturelles.


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